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  • Find Your Peer Mentor!

    Peer Mentors are an amazing resource to all the incoming freshman. They're all so helpful and nice! But how can you tell which one is yours?

  • The Hub

    As a designated "freshmen space," the Hub is a great location for freshmen students to collaborate with peer mentors and other students about class assignments, campus resources, and successful study habits.

  • Study Groups

    Forming and participating in study groups can increase both the breadth and the depth of students’ learning, create structure for more productive study time, and provide opportunities for meaningful service.
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  • The Mentors

    This is a film made for BYU's Fall New Student Orientation. It focuses on what the Freshman Mentoring program is. It draws on the perspectives of an administrator in the program, a Peer Mentor and a student who took part in the program.

First-year Mentoring peer mentors work with groups of students enrolled in one or more mentored courses together. Your peer mentor will contact you to have a conversation about the successes and challenges of your first year at BYU. They know campus resources and they can answer all kinds of questions, but mostly they just want to listen to your story. These reflective conversations can be very empowering as you take charge of your education and move forward.