Glossary of Campus Terms

Credits- Typically associated with the number of hours a student spends in class each week

FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FYM- First-Year Mentoring

Hub- A space in the library on the main floor in the learning commons for freshmen to meet with their peer mentors, study, and hang out

MAP- Major Academic Plan

Mentored Course- A university core course with spots reserved just for first year students that pairs students with a mentor

MyBYU- Personalized BYU portal that links to everything else

MyMap- Website used to register for classes online

NSO- New Student Orientation

ROC pass- The Student All Sports pass for all BYU Sports games.

Arts Card- Discount card for first year students for Arts events. You can get this from your mentor.

Devotional- Spiritual fireside every Tuesday at 11 at the Marriott Center. All of campus is closed and speakers are usually professors and sometimes General Authorities.

netID vs Student ID number- Your netID is what you log in with (usually a combinations of letters/numbers), your student ID number is the 9 digit number on your ID card

Y group- Your group you are in at NSO. This usually consists of students all in the same class they signed up for as a mentored course. Your mentor will be there as well.


Campus Map

You can find the building acronyms on the campus map. Link here.