What is mentoring?

Congratulations on beginning at Brigham Young University. As part of your first year experience you will have the opportunity to participate in First-Year Mentoring. Mentoring is designed to assist you as you transition into the university. You will be assigned an upperclassman as a peer mentor. Your peer mentor will be there to answer questions, point out resources, and talk about your overall BYU experience. Once on campus, you will be assigned a mentor through a mentored course.



  • Access to high-demand general education classes through mentored courses

  • Someone (your mentor) to answer your questions, point you to resources, and listen to you


Why should I participate?

Participating in First-Year Mentoring is your chance to make the most of BYU from day one. Your mentor is an upperclassman who has been successful in their time at BYU. Your mentor can help you answer any questions, big or small, that come up during your first year. You will also have someone to connect you to campus resources,  offer study success tips, and just listen to you. Because new students register for classes later, we also reserve spots specifically for first year students  in University Core classes that would otherwise fill up with upperclassmen. Taking a mentored course provides you a reserved spot in a high-demand class, plus you have a great new mentor!


What is a mentor?

A mentor is an upperclassman who has been successful in his or her time at BYU. Mentors are available to first-year students to ensure their success in all their endeavors at BYU. Before you come to campus you will have a mentor that will be in contact with you through phone and email. Once you are on campus, you’ll get a new mentor that you’ll be able to meet with face to face. Mentors are available to answer questions first-year students might have, such as:

  • How can I make the most of my experience here?

  • How can I get involved on campus?

  • Which classes should I take next semester?

  • How many credits should I have?

  • Where can I spend my meal plan money?

  • Is there someone who can edit my paper?

  • How can I get along better with my roommate?

  • Where do I take tests?

  • How can I sign up for a study abroad program?

  • Where is a quiet place for me to study?

  • How can I be effective in group study?

  • Where can I live in my second year?

  • Where are fun weekend activities around Provo?

  • How much should I study for my exam?

Mentors are here to provide the help students need to succeed at BYU.


What is a mentored course?

A mentored course is a University Core or pre-requisite course with spots reserved just for freshmen. It’s the same as any other course, except that only freshmen can register for the class as mentored course. Through registering for a mentored course, each student will be assigned a mentor.


Who can take a mentored course?

Any student attending BYU in their first year can participate. Those who have served missions are still eligible if they have not completed 2 semesters of coursework.


What courses are mentored?

There are dozens of mentored courses you can choose from, so you should be able to find 1-2 courses that fit your schedule and interests. Here are a few to give you an idea:

To see a complete list go MyMAP and click on “Mentored Course” on the Register tab.

  • American Heritage

  • Writing 150 (first-year writing)

  • Biology 100

  • Psychology 111

  • Chemistry 105

  • Math 110

  • Business Management 180/241

  • History 201 – World Civilizations

  • Music 101- Learn to listen to music creatively

  • SFL 210 – Human Development


How do I register?

A student may register for a mentored course by clicking on the “Mentored Course” button in myMAP on the Register tab under the given semester. In the new tab, the drop down menus may be used to select “Mentoring” and the class the student wishes to take.